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More than 5000 works of the versatile Artist Trilok Singh are precious pages of history. Well versed with deep knowledge of Gurbani , Sikh History , Religion and languages i.e Gurmukhi, Punjabi, Hindi, English, Urdu, Persian, Assame and Bengali. He has unique style of presenting himself through a variety of themes of Sikh Religion, History, Culture, Folk lore, Love Legends, Social evils, Nature, illustration of Gurbani, Shabad and visuals in Punjabi Encyclopedia. He has translated number of articles from Bengali to Punjabi.
He is the first Punjabi Artist, on whose works Ph.D. degree was awarded by Punjabi University , Patiala.
A Gold Medal has been instituted by Punjabi University in his name and awarded to the topper of M.A Fine Arts.

Following are some of the collection of the Artist . if you want to Know about details of these Paintings please visit our complete website.

First of all, we bow our head before the Almighty God, who has blessed us to put the works of the Artist, S Trilok Singh on this website. His letter pad head had Gurbani lines. ' >   uuk ofus fusq j? Gkoh.. sfi fusq/ u/sj[ fusekoh .. fusq pfusq fJj? ntM/ok.. sfi fusq? fus[ okfy fus/ok..'  . The lines mean that God, the creator of the universe, is the greatest artist.
On 100th birthday of the Artist , with God’s blessings, we launched this website. We went to Amritsar to seek God’s blessings. We are putting all the works of the Artist available with us.
My sincere thanks to my wife Harpal Kaur, MA(English), B.ed who has written the illustrations of the paintings in this website.
We are thankful to my daughter Dr. Upinder Kaur, MS(Ophthalmology) & family and my son Er. Hemjeet Singh M.Engg. & family for their moral support and suggestions.
We also thankful to persons, those have directly and indirectly helped in preparing this website.

Jotinder Singh,   Engr-in–Chief/R  Consultant - 1980 MW Talwandi Sabo Thermal Power Project
S/o S. Trilok Singh Artist,
‘Chitralok’, near Modi college,
Patiala(Pb.) 147001.
Mob. +91 9779915525, 9915515525
Email : jotinder412@gmail.com

A versatile Artist Trilok Singh- Part1

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