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This painting is based on Chankaya Neeti. In the painting the Artist has depicted two quotes in one painting in beautiful way
a) “The straight trees are chopped first in the jungle.”
b) “A snake must appear venomous even if it is not.”

In painting there is a forest scene. Wood cutters have come to the forest to cut trees with axes & saws. Some trees are shown straight, plain, tall, healthy and beautiful like beautiful women. The woodcutters are attracted toward such trees and copped them first in the Jungle. Such straight trees are more useful in various ways.

On the other hand, the Artist has shown a typical, uneven, frightening shaped, fierce looking tree like a notorious and crooked man. On the tree shown a snake appears venomous and woodcutter also afraid of that. The Artist has also shown on that tree a black cat intimidate woodcutter by arching their backs, raising their fur, turning sideways, and hissing. So wood cutter does not dare to chop of such a frightening tree and it may create trouble for him. Based on this thought, the wood cutter avoids the tree as it’s wood is of no use. Moreover, cutting down the tree may give trouble or hurt him.

Similarly, in day to day behavior also it is easy to exploit straight forward and honest persons. People make use of such persons for their own benefit. Everybody avoids clever, selfish, notorious, crooked or mean person because they will cause unnecessary trouble for everybody. A person should not be too honest. Like straight tree, the honest people are screwed first.

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