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‘Not the load of dirt but halo of God’s blessings.’

While choosing his successor, Guru Nanak made his devotees undergo many tests to choose best among them. One day after the rain, some bundles of freshly cut grass were lying in the fields, to be carried home. Guru’s sons refused to take it saying that it will make their clothes dirty. Bhai Lehna was wearing an expensive dress. He, at once, got ready to take the bundles on his head. The Guru put the wet and muddy bundle on his head. The mud from the bundle flowed down to his dress and making it dirty. When Mata Sulakhni pointed this out to Guruji, he smiled and said, it is not the load of dirt but halo of God’s blessings. In the painting, the Artist has shown Bhai Lehna with the bundle on his head. Guru ji is looking at him fondly and Mata Sulakhni is standing nearby. The scene is very lively. Some people are shown sowing some plants. Birds are flying here and there. The well having pitchers to take out water.

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