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This painting is based on Gurbani lines taken from Sukhmani Sahib by the fifth Guru, Guru Arjan Dev ji. If the person keeps the Lord’s name in his mind, all the worldly or spiritual fears disappear from his mind. The person, who surrenders himself completely to the Will of the God, earns His blessings. The persons mind is enlightened and he attains the blissful state of mind. He is also saved from the cycle of birth and death. In the company of the Guru, there is no suffering.
The blessed vision of the Guru’s Darshan brings a sublime happy and peaceful state of mind. The Guru always stressed the importance of sangat - sangat of the holy Guru and for the Sikhs, the Guru is the Guru Granth Sahib. It provides us guidance in our worldly and spiritual affairs. In the sangat, company of the Guru and the holy persons, all kind of people high or low, rich or poor become equal. The God loves all the creation equally.
This idea has been beautifully illustrated in this painting. In the natural surrounding Sant Ishar Singh is meditating. All the animals living in the jungle are sitting nearby. The lion, tiger, bear, deer, buffaloes, crane, water animals like swans, ducks, frogs everyone is sitting silently. The ferocious wild animals like the lion and the small ones like duck everyone is sitting calmly while Sant Ishar Singh is meditating on the God’s name. The venomous snake is also nearby. On the tree, the birds like peacocks, sparrows are sitting in the company of monkeys. Sant ji is having a string of beads in one hand and a lotus flower in the other hand. Lotus symbolizes that the person here has to lead a householder’s life and remain detached from the worldly attraction as the lotus grows in the muddy water still remains unaffected by the mind around it.
While doing the daily duties, remembrance of God’s name is a must in the person’s life. ( wB eko tZb . fuZs eosko tZb..)
God’s name elevates all the animals, birds and humans. Whoever comes and surrenders itself to the God’s Will get His blessings. That person is really enlightened and attains supreme bliss in this life. All the Gurus are shown showering their blessings from above. ( Bkw e/ Xko/ ;rb/ izs )
The animals & birds are used here symbolically. It symbolizes that in the Sangat of the Guru, different types of peoples come to pay respects. Good or bad, brave or cowards, small or big, powerful or humble, everyone comes and sits to listen to the holy man. For the time being they all forget about other things and concentrate their thoughts to the holy thoughts. Their minds are elevated for the time being. But when they go away from that place, everyone becomes busy in the same routine. God’s name redeems the person. But the person has to always keep God’s name in his mind, not for the time he is in the company of the holy man. ( ;kX e? ;zfr Bjh eS[ xkb.do;B G/Ns j's fBjkb..)

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