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After leaving Chamkaur Sahib, the Guru reached Village Kheri. Mughal forces were following him. There, in the village, lived two Pathan Brothers Ghani Khan & Nabi khan. They have been in the Guru’s services in the past. They offered to take him to a safe place.


Then dressing the Guru in a blue robe as worn by Muslim Fakirs, they erected a platform. It was lifted by Ghani Khan, Nabi Khan, Bhai Mahan Singh and Bhai Dharam Singh. Guru’s Persian tutor Qazi Pir Mohammad was called and asked him to identify 'Uchch Da Pir'. The Qazi confirmed that he is 'Uchch Da Pir'. Who ever questioned them on the way, were told that they were carrying the ‘Uchch Da Pir’ ( a high Muslim Saint,) a pir from a place Uchch near Multan. This way they took the Guru to a safe place.


In the chitralok painting, the Artist has shown Guru’s sitting style as of great Muslim saint with hairs covered with blue cloth but full of alertness in face. The Guru is shown travelling the way great Muslim saint taken with great respect from one place to other. In interrogation, the Pathan indicating toward sky means great holy man of God. In back ground scenery is of local area of that place.

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