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Honest hard work, Meditation and Sharing with others

Strive while you are alive and by honest earnings live at peace.
This painting is based on Gurbani lines taken from Sri Guru Granth Sahib, these lines summarise the basic principles of the teachings of the Gurus. Kirt Karna (honest hard work feos eoBk ), Naam Japna ( Meditation Bkw igDk )and Wand Chakna ( Sharing with others, tzv SeDk) has been repeatedly stressed upon in the Gurbani.
The Gurus always taught as well as practised in their lives that we must earn our livelihood by honest hard working. Then we can enjoy the money earned by us and also full fill our daily necessities. From this, one must spend one tenth of the earnings for the charity work. During all this one must remember God’s name so that one can earn his grace and with his blessings can be saved from the cycle of birth and death. ‘Hath Kar wal and chit Kartar wal jZE eko tZb ns/ fuZs eosko tZb ’ meaning while keeping the hands busy in the work, remembrance of God is also important in our lives.
This has been beautifully illustrated by the artist in this Painting.

At the top of the painting > is written, meaning God is one. He is the creator of this universe and entire creations move according to His will. God is Omnipresent. He is the Truth forever.

Truth is cure (;Zu ;GBk….) - God is the only truth. It was true yesterday, today and will be tomorrow also. God’s name is the only solution to alleviate our sufferings. It cleanses our mind, as the out ward body is cleaned with the help of soap and water, remembering God is the only way to clean our mind. When Lord’s name enters our minds, the dirt of lust, anger, greed, love and ego is washed away. It helps us to have control on these attractions and we are able to achieve the state of spiritual bliss.

Honest hard work (T[dw eo/AfdnK……), - Work hard and earn ones living by the sweat of his brow has always been stressed upon by the Gurus. For this one has to get up early in the morning, complete his daily activates, take bath, have breakfast and leave his work. This has been beautifully illustrated in the Painting. Gurus always wanted his devotees to wake up early in the morning. Cleanliness is very important in the life of a Sikh. So taking bath, remembers God, indulging is some exercise is also given much importance.

Earn and Enjoy ( ewkT[AfdnK….. ) , -To earn ones livelihood, a person can adopt any profession. He can work is a workshop, factory, a teacher, a farmer or is any other field. But he has to be honest is his work field. His earning has to be earned by hard work. Then what ever he earns, he spends to full fill the daily needs. He must enjoy with his family. A householder’s life is always given preference in Sikhism. Instead of running away from the worldly responsibilities, the person should fulfill all the worldly obligations. Taking care of his parents and his family is an important part of his life. This has been illustrated very beautifully is the painting.

Meditation ( fXnkfJfdnK……), - Remembrance of God. A person can be Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian or he can belong to any sect. He must remember God and spend time is spiritual meditation. All the religions are the ways to reach the one Supreme God. For doing meditation, one need not go to any forest, mountain area, he must not shun the family life. Rather, he has to live in the family and then keep God’s name is his mind. This is the only way of earning His blessings. All the Gurus led active family lives. They fulfilled their worldly as well as spiritual duties. Single minded faith in the Lord is very important. Only God can save us from this cycle of birth and Death. God loves all his creations and is present in all this creations. Loving and caring for His creatures is loving God. This has been depicted very beautifully is this part of the Painting. A Hindu is praying, Muslim is offering prayers, and all the devotees are sitting before the Guru to seek His blessings.

Be tension free (BkBe T[soh …..) , -If the person has faithfully followed all these Principles. He has earned his bread by hard work, enjoyed it, shared it with others and has remembered God, then he need not worry. God will take care of him. This has been depicted in the last segment of the Painting. People are shown rejoicing as the light from Gurus hand is showering his blessings. There is big smile on man’s face symbolizing the inner peace i.e. (gow nkBzd) complete bliss. The person has successfully won over the worldly desires and is at complete peace inwardly as well outwardly. A man is praying before God and light from above is illuminating his inner self. When the person has earned the Grace of God, he is able to cross the worldly ocean with ease. As the ship’s path is illuminated with the light from the light house, similarly, a person rises above the worldly attractions thus attains salvation. God’s blessings save him from the cycle of birth and death.

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