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This beautiful painting is the illustration of Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib’s tuk from Gurubani. The painting is a beautiful scenery and a bamboo tree separates two lives in it.

On left side, peoples are shown make pilgrimages to religious place, make donations, taking dip in the holy rivers, feed the poor people, do charity etc. After reaching their village, a person shown boasting himself & announcing about his charitable works he has done during his visit to religious places. People listening are awestruck to listen to all the wonderful deeds he has done. He feels very proud about all the good things he has done.

On the right side, an elephant is taking bath in the clean water pond. When it comes out it again is shown sprinkling dirt on itself with its trunk. The person make pilgrimages and do charity deed is like an elephant cleans itself with clean water. Person who feel proud of his good and charitable deed are like the elephant that at first cleans itself and again sprinkles dirt on itself.

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