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Truth, Contentment and Contemplation are important in life.

This beautiful painting is based on Gurbani emphasizing the importance of Guru’s name in our lives.
In the plate three things: Sat (Truth, ;s[), Santokh (Contentment, ;zs'y), Vicharo (Contemplation, ftuko' ) are placed before us :-
Truth refers to the truthful and high moral character of the person.
Contentment is the belief in Almighty God. He does whatever is good for us. Total surrender to God’s will.
Contemplation refers to Guru Granth Sahib. The Guru says that Guru Granth Sahib provides us all the guidance to lead a perfectly spiritual smooth life.

Name of the Lord present in the holy books is the Nectar which sustains all. It sustains all existence. The whole universe created by the God is dependent on Him for its existence. As the threads keep all the beads together, God’s name provides existence to everything created by him. He is the creator and is present in all the creations. Whoever takes the God’s name is saved. He is saved from the cycle of birth and death. We are a soul separated from the God. Here in this world we have been given the opportunity to win our way back to the Almighty God and merge into him. This world is full of so many attractions to lead us astray. Only God’s name helps us to cross the dreaded ocean of Lust, Anger, Greed, love and Ego. We must always fix our mind on Him and place ourselves at the Lord’s feet.

In the painting, the Artist has shown the Guru. The light emanating from “Ek Onkar’ at the top is spreading through the Guru into the Guru Granth Sahib. It symbolizes that Guru’s message is in the holy book. In one plate, three bowls serving Sat (truthful character), Santokh (Contentment), Vicharo (meditation to reach the lord) are lying. Below them is one bowl of Nectar. These three are boned together like the thread keeping different beads together. God has created the whole universe. He Himself is present in everything created by Him. It is up to the human beings to place themselves at the Guru’s feet, get His blessings and attain salvation in the life. Total surrender to His will is the solution to all the problems.

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