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A person may be small but having good heart, provides happiness to a needy instead of egoistic one

Based on Gurubani, the Arist in this painting has shown a tall Simmal tree having beautiful leaves, flowers and fruits. Birds flock to the Simmal tree to satisfy their hunger. They could not eat its fruits and flowers as these are tasteless and beautiful leaves are also not of any use. The structure of leaves is of silk cotton and are also not good for fertility of land. They leave in search of food to some other place. In the painting, these birds are shown going to eat tasty fruits of a berry plants to satisfy their hunger. Even a berry plants also gives its fruit whosoever comes and even the children shown hitting with them with stones.

Similarly a rich person has shown having plenty of money but do not give to a needy person but sends him away. The dejected needy person has to go to someone else having pure and good heart person to help him in need.

On other hand, animals come to the sea but cannot drink its salty water. So they have drink water from small pond of water.

The rich person and sea are like Simmal tree.A person may be small but having good heart provides happiness to the needy.

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