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After the martyrdom of Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib, Mughal King made sure that nobody would take body of the Guru & cremate it. Lakhi Shah Banjara took body of the Guru to his house and put it on fire. On other hand, Bhai Jaita took the head reverently and started for Anandpur Shaib to his son Guru Gobind Singh.

In the painting, the Artist has shown Bhai Jaita on the way to Anandpur Sahib carrying head of the Guru with great respect and passing through thick forest area. Fierce wind is blowing. Trees are showering their flowers on the Guru’s head to welcome him to heaven and branches in sky form word ”Jai Jai” means ‘Jai Jai Surlok’. Similarly, where they crossed, the branches of a broken tree on earth forms a word ‘Hai Hai” means ‘Hai Hai Jag Bhaio’. The forest is shown of the area.

Bhai Jaita reached Anandpur Sahib. On reaching Guru Gobind Singh said Bhai Jaita is Rangreta Guru ka Beta. He has proved to be the true son.

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