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Stage 1. At the time of birth a child knows only about the mother’s milk.
Stage 2. Then child becomes aware of his mother and father as well.
Stage 3. He comes to know about the different relations i.e brother, sister, uncle & aunts.
Stage 4. As he grows up he becomes interested in playing means learns and understand worldly things.
Stage 5. He becomes interested in eating. Boys want to look handsome and girls beautiful.
Stage 6. Interest in opposite sex also grows. The Artist has shown person becomes blind attraction without caring caste, creed and religion.
Stage 7. After marriage and settle down as a family. Both become busy in day to day activities. The Artist has shown women become busy in household things and the man like donkey to work to run the house.
Stage 8. Anger prevails on them and their body is affected. The Artist has shown person’s attachment increases with all the things he achieved with hard work and becomes short tempered even shown beating his child if they do not obey him.
Stage 9. Hairs of a person become grey and difficult to work due to aged body problems like breathing. The Artist has shown children do not care for the old person in this stage and a person has to spent a day sitting on cot and keep stick as support to walk a little.
Stage 10. A person dies and his body becomes ash. The Artist has shown funeral. Near and dears put his body to fire.

As the white cranes fly in the sky, people say his soul also leaves the body for its heavenly abode. A person takes birth and dies. With the completion of life cycle his name also finishes. The Artist has shown one’s coming and going out of worldly ocean and others forget his name.

After his death, family members perform various rituals, offer food & clothing to the poor. In the world, human beings remain drowned in blind attractions in worldly affairs throughout one’s life and forgetting God.

A person is always busy loving mother father other relations, growing up marrying then caring & loving his children, grand children.

The Artist has shown human beings on the earth drowned in ocean of worldly delights and going with its flow without sparing time to take name of God. But to achieve salvation the real purpose of this life should always be to keep God in mind while performing the worldly duties.

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