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People hesitate to go near risky building, similarly, friends in old age

Why to worry about the indifferent attitude of the friends in old age? Everybody wants to avoid unsafe old building structure. This truth about the human nature has been illustrated in this painting.
In the painting, old age and wall of an old building have been compared. Old age has its own problems. So everybody, children, friends, relatives want to avoid the person in that stage.

In the painting, an old man is sitting alone. There is no body to take care of him. A friend is looking at the man from outside. He hesitates to come inside and spend some time with him.

On other side, an old building is shown. The wall of the building is about to fall anytime. Two persons are pointing towards the wall and avoid going near it. They fear that the wall may fall anytime. It is better to change the route.

Similarly, friends and relatives try to avoid an old person when he needs them the most. Old age is the reality of life and everyone has to face it, one must remain contented and be happy in all the circumstances. Be ready to face the challenges and enjoy all the stages of life.
Old persons can not help others so people try avoiding them. Similarly, old structure is risky, so people try to avoid it by taking different route.

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