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‘Only God knows the truth’

This historical painting depicts the pitiful conditions of the masses at that time and Guru Nanak coming to this world acted like putting balm on their sufferings.

In this painting, at the bottom, the earth is shown with fire burning the surface of the earth. Fire is symbolic of the atrocities being inflicted on the masses. The social conditions were at the lowest ebb. Kings of different kingdoms were fighting with each other to gain victory. They were torturing the peoples. Rigid caste system and other social evils like slavery and sati were prevalent. Religion had been reduced to mere ceremonies, devoid of any sense or meaning.

Superstitious had taken the place of true religion. In the painting, true religion has been shown flying away from the earth like a bird.

So the humanity prayed to God to save them from this deplorable condition and asked the God for help. The God heard the prayer of the masses and sent Guru Nanak to help the people. ‘;[Dh g[eko dksko gqG.r[o{ BkBe ir wkfj gmkfJnk.

Guru Nanak is shown coming down to the earth to help the people in this hour of need. One hand that Guru is shown Naam Simran and other hand sprinkling water to give relief to the sufferings of mankind. White light is also shown coming along with Guru as if to provide relief to their sufferings. The darkness of ignorance, social evils have been shown disappearing and light of truth, goodness is taking its place. Guru Nanak believed and always preached that only God is the eternal truth.

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