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This historical painting depicts Guru Gobind Singh stopping in village Mohi for some time. Village Mohi is about six miles from Ludhiana. In Mohi, Guru ji came to a black smith’s workshop and asked him to cut down a tight ring from his finger. In a traditional shop, a charcoal furnace has been shown in operation with one person on bellow to pump air to furnace. In the furnace iron is melted and is used to make various equipment etc. A variety of tools like anvil, hammer, chisel and other agriculture appliances are laying scattered also shown in the painting. The mud houses, doors, three legged stool and village life are shown. Guru Gobind Singh’s horse is also shown in the picture.

Guru fully armored, is shown sitting on a small sitting cot. His sitting posture has been shown of a brave soldier in active position ( Veer Asana). He has his bow in one hand. Blacksmith is cutting the ring keeping it on anvil with hammer and chisel. Guru ji was quite pleased with job done by the blacksmith. Happily the Guru asked him if he wanted some favour in return. The man said that he was afraid that he may not have children as nobody is ready to give his daughter in marriage. Guru blessed him that his coming generations will be married twice.

The artist visited village Mohi and met the descendants of the blacksmith before making this painting ready. Village Mohi has also been depicted in the painting. It can be seen from the blacksmith’s workshop. Villagers are shown busy in their daily chores.

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