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‘Tell the beloved friend (the Lord), the plight of His disciples…’.

The battle of Chamkaur Sahib is one of the greatest acts of courage and sacrifice in the history. On one hand, there was Guru Gobind Singh, his elder sons and forty Sikhs facing ten lakh combined Mughul soldiers on the other side. The battle continued without any sign of letting up till the Guru’s force was reduced to five. His two sons had fought fiercely killing so many Moghul soldiers. Two of the Panj Pyare (Five) were also killed. The five surviving Sikhs decided that the Guru’s life must be saved at all costs. They passed a resolution to say that Guru must leave Chamkaur Sahib and move to a safe place. So the Guru had to bow to the resolution. Two Sikhs were left in the Garhi to fight the enemy, one even wore Guru’s Kalgi and dressed in Guru’s clothes. Accompanied by Man Singh and the two surviving members of Panj Pyare, the Guru slipped out of Chamkaur. They tried to cover as much distance as they could and get as far away from Chamkaur as possible. They came to the forest of Machiwara between Ropar and Ludhiana. Here they rested for a while.

This is the scene, the artist has depicted beautifully in this beautiful painting. Here the Guru has been shown lying on the bed of grass, left arm is folded and used as pillow with support of shield and taking a rest. His eyes are closed. The Guru’s face is a picture of spiritual glow.

Although he was tired after a long battle, his feet are wounded, clothes are torn. Even then there is so much peace and shine on his face He has a sword in his right hand and ready to pounce on the enemy and ready to face any danger. The iron ring tied around the turban which is symbol of coming from battle field and ready for battle. The jungle scene is at its best, there are different types of trees, plants, cactus plants etc. A snake is shown with its raised hood as it to provide shade from some of the danger in the forest. Birds, insects are shown busy in their daily activities. An evil looking big tree is symbolic of the Mughul forces chasing the Guru. All the sufferings and difficulties can never touch him. Here he rested for a while.

Some cactus plants have small beautiful flowers blooming as it symbolic of the hope. Hope, courage and will power to fight any impending danger were the virtues the Guru always infused in the Sikhs.

It is said that it was here that the Guru composed the beautiful hymn ‘Mitr pyare noo hall muridan da kahna’. ‘fwsq fgnko/ B{z jkb w[ohdK dk efjDKHHHHH..’

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