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Mata Gujri with younger grandsons

Mughal forces surrounded the city Anandpur Sahib & the Sikh forces were confined to the fort for about six months. The battle went on for a long time. The Mughal commanders sent a written message to the Guru to leave the town to end war and safe passage will be provided to them. On the insistence of majority of Sikhs, the Guru agreed. Soon in a cold night the Guru’s caravan left the town. Mughals attacked them from behind. The Guru's elder sons and the sikhs also pounced upon the enemy and managed to reach the banks of the river Sirsa near Ropar. The river was in spate.


The Guru and his elder sons along with some sikhs were able to cross the river and proceeded towards Chamkaur Sahib. Mata Gujri ji and two younger grandsons got separated from them. In the meantime Mataji with her two younger grandsons happened to meet a Brahmin named Gangu, who at one time had been their cook. He promised to take them to a safe place and give them shelter & protection in his house.

In this painting, the Artist has shown Mataji with two younger grandsons in her lap covered with blanket and sitting on pony. A bag having money is also shown loaded on the pony. Gangu is taking them to his house. The facial expression of Gangu shows that he is planning something different for them. He is lured by the wealth and planning to give them away to the Governor of Sirhand, Wazir Khan.

The scenic beauty is par excellence and is of Ropar area.

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