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A person, who seeks the protection of the lord, attains salvation.

Ganika was a prostitute, leading a sinful life got salvation by saying God’s name again and again.

God, whose contemplation made Dhruv eternal and free of fear. The Artist shown Lord Vishnu appeared before Dhruv and blessed with a stable place as Star.

So, why the man is indifferent to God’s name. A person is shown engrossed in the worldly attractions and in the day to day life that he forgets to remember (has shown as cross) the God. Only God’s name helps us to cross the worldly ocean.

The elephant ( Gajendra) got free of crocodile’s grip when he sought God’s protection. ( The Artist has shown offering flower to Lord Vishnu and he came to recsue.)

The Artist has illustrated a person running tied with ropes of Sex, Anger, Greed, Love and Ego means of totally engrossed in worldly temptations and forget to remember God’s name and remains unaware of extent of God’s greatness. By remembering God’s name, a person is saved from all the sufferings and temptations (has shown God cut the tied ropes of temptations).

Ajaamal, a sinner known all world over. In a moment he was liberated at the time of death. The Artist has shown the Ajaamal on death bed and calling his son ‘Narayan, Narayan, ……Narayan’ as his son was kept away at that time.

The Guru says clearly that whoever says the name of Vaheguru, swims across in the terrifying ocean of earthly existence. The Artist has shown as boat crossing the terrifying ocean with the blessings of God.

Ganika was a prostitute, well-known in the Puranic literature, leading a sinful life. Busy only in the worldly pleasures. In her later years, one day a sadhu, unaware of who she was, came to her house. He spoke to her about the real purpose of one’s life in this world and about the next world. Before leaving the sadhu gave her parrot and asked her to teach the parrot to say Ram. So teaching & saying the Ram’s name again and again redeemed her.

Dhruv was the son of king Uttanapada. Dhruva and his mother had to leave the palace when the king married to another woman. As a small boy, once he went to the palace to meet his father but his step mother asked him to leave the palace and asked him never to return again. So he went back to his mother and asked her who the most powerful king is. She told him that lord Vishnu is most powerful in the universe. So he left to meet the lord. He had to face many difficulties. He met saptarishis – the seven sages also on the way. One day he met Narada, a saintly messenger of God and he gave him a mantra that would help him fulfill his desire. Finally, Dhravas prayers were answered & Lord Vishnu appeared before him and told him that everything will be alright. So he along with his mother came back to the palace and everyone welcomed him. Finally, Lord Vishnu placed him as a star in the sky near the Saptarishis (seven star)

Gajendra was an elephant, who ruled over other elephants. Once on a hot day, it went to the lake to drink water. Suddenly, a crocodile living in the lake caught the elephant. Gajendra tried to escape from the clutches of the crocodile but failed. At last, Gajendra called to God Vishnu to save it and offered a lotus as an offering. Lord Vishnu heard his devotee’s prayer and saved Gajendra from the clutches of the crocodile. Similarly God’s name can eliminate our sufferings.

Ajaamal was born to a royal brahmin and brought up in a very religious atmosphere. He was well versed in all the Vedas, Puraans & other religious books. He got married to and had a couple of children. After his father death, he was appointed the royal Brahmin. Once he had to go to that part of the city where there were brothels & Pubs. He had never been exposed to that part of the city. There he got attached to a young & promiscuous woman. That day changed his life forever and started visiting her regularly. Everyone tried to persuade him to stop going there but failed. The king decided to banish him from the kingdom. After that he led a very hard life. He had many children with that woman also. When his younger son was born, some sadhis came to his house to seek refuge from bad weather. They saw his terrible life and leaving had mercy on him. They had an idea and asked him to name his younger son ‘Narayan’. At the last moment as per the advice of sadhus his son taken away and Ajaamal kept calling his son ‘Narayan, Narayan, ……Narayan’. That way ‘Ajaamal’ who was a sinner got salvation and went to heaven instead of going to hell.

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