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“ wB ikBs ;G pks , ikBs jh nT[rD eo?.”

“ Mind knows everything but knowingly indulges in wrong doing ”

Based on Kabir bani, the Artist illustred beautifully in his painting has shown a well from where people of village used to take water with the help of bucket and a rope tied to pulley block. During night, a learned & religious old man is going with a lighted lamp (represent Knowledge) in his hand. The pulley block looked like a women calling him. The feeling of lust overtaking his mind, he run blindly toward her and fell into the well.

All the five evils Kaam (sex), Anger, Greed, Love and Ego are present in the heart itself. When it is attracted towards any wrong doing, it willfully ignores the right path and follow wrong path. This has shown one closed eye towards that evil intentionally.

On other side, a snake catches a frog. The frog knowing it is going to die but still his desire for food overpower him to catch insects nearby.

Owl is shown in painting, as symbol of wisdom and moon the symbol of light. The old man had both the things, even then, he fell prey to his lust.

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