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To earn one’s livelihood honestly, give something to charity is the true way to reach lord.

This painting illustrates the main teachings of Sikhism ‘Kirt Karna ( feos eoBk, work honestly), Naam Japna ( Bkw[ igBk, meditation) and wand Chakna ( tzv SeDk, Sharing with others, charity) are basic principles of righteous living preached by the Gurus, has been beautifully illustrated in this painting. Guru always stressed upon earning one’s living through hard and honest work. For this, he can be a farmer, businessman or can work in any other organization. How a person spends his hard earned money has been shown in this painting.
Earnings and expenditure has been divided into four parts.

He spends on running his household efficiently. Guru Nanak always believed that his followers should not renounce the world. Rather they should lead the life of a householder. For this, he spends one part of the income to meet his daily necessities.

He throws the second part into the well. It means he donates this part to religious place. The Gurus always wanted that the Sikhs should set apart Daswandh (one tenth part of income) for the Guru’s fund. This fund was used for the welfare projects for the poor and the needy sections of the society. The mouth of the poor are the Guru’s receptacles for the gifts, were the words of the Guru.( rohp dk w{zj, r[o{ eh r'be).

He spends on the education of his children. He feels that he is lending the money so that his children are educated, enlightened and become capable of earning livelihood in the future and take care in his old age.

He is repaying the loan with this part of his income. He takes care of his parents in their old age. He feels he is returning whatever his parents had done for him in his childhood. Now it is his turn to repay what he had received from his parents.

God’s name, Service to others and charity to the needy is the only way to salvation.

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