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This painting is the illustration of the Shabad by Guru Gobind Singh taken from the Dasam Granth. The Guru states that if he had desired to be wealthy, he could have collected lots of wealth. He could have amassed wealth from so many different sources.
The Guru is not attracted towards performing miracles. Many Sadhus perform miracles. They produce different types of things with the help of miracle. In the painting a sadhu has been shown producing clocks, books etc. He does not like to attain prosperity with help of spiritual powers. Many people try to attain salvation through meditation and yog assans. In the illustration, various types of yog assans have been shown. Some are standing on one leg, upside down. One is shown deep in meditation in the water.
The Guru prays to God that he wants to die in the battle field fighting for a noble cause. For the Guru the real purpose of life and true meditation is to keep on fighting for the good cause, helping the underprivileged and the down trodden.

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