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This painting is based on Bhai Gurdas verse. The artist has beautifully depicted the conditions prevailing at the time of Guru’s birth. There was hyporacy, ignorance, lawlessness all around. The condition of the woman was very pathetic ( Naari Dasha written in dark cloud on left side). Mankind was immersed in delusion pitch darkness ( Koor Amaavs written in dark clouds on right side ) prevailed.

In the painting, the birth place Nankana Sahib shown as heap of flowers on the world map from where the fragrance spread in all directions ( Babe Tare Char chak written in fragrance) like rays of the rising Sun. The people are shown welcoming and rejoicing the birth.

The Guru’s birth has shown as Sun rise and spreading its rays in all direction and the darkness ( evils in society) start disappearing. As the lion roars the dears ran away very fast, similarly, with the Guru’s message, the evils in the society have also started disappearing.

Guru’s birth is symbolic of hope, love peace & blessings for the whole humanity

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