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‘ਜਲ ਕਹਾਂ ਥਲ ਕਹਾਂ ਗਗਨ ਕੇ ਗਉਨ ਕਹਾਂ ਕਾਲ ਕੇ ਬਨਾਏ ਸਭੈ ਕਾਲ ਹੀ ਚਬਾਹਿਂਗੇ ॥' ਅਕਾਲ ਉਸਤਤ-ਦਸਮ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ

'Not only to speak of the residents of water, earth and wanderers of the sky, all those created by God will ultimately be devoured/ destroyed by him.' Akal Ustat - Dasam Granth.

All those residents of water, Earth and wanderers of sky, created by God will ultimately be devoured/ destroyed by him.

All the creatures living on Earth and in water, created by God will ultimately be devoured by the Kal ( ਕਾਲ ) - God of death. Nothing is permanent but everything is of transient nature. While alive they run after worldly possessions but are unaware of death looming large on them.

The painting depicted five creatures died simultaneously, to illustrate the lines of Tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh beautifully.

The eagle is coming down to catch a fish but the fish is entangled in the horns, the reindeer is being aimed at by the hunter, who is stung by the serpent. The hunter fell on serpent and his dagger killed the serpent. The eagle carried the dead serpent to feed its eaglets. Vultures are shown sitting on the trees to clear the dead.

All of them are unaware of danger looming large on them. They are going to be struck by God’s hammer of death. The dead are also cleared by nature.

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