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This painting is the illustration of Guru Nanak’s Shabad speaking out against the cruelty of Mughal ruler Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur(1483-1530). The Artist has shown on the top of painting Guru nanak saying to God, the savior ‘The innocent common people tortured and cried for God’s help.’ The Artist has shown the torture as fire of destruction and God’s help as rain to extinguish the fire.
The hymn is addressed to Bhai Lalo, a devotee living in Saidpur. Guru Nanak says he is expressing Lord’s words as it has come from Him.
Babur has leading a wedding party of sin, has invaded from Kabul and is demanding India forcefully as his wedding gift. He has started torturing the common people.
All the righteousness, decency and truth have disappeared. Falsehood and the other evils have become the leaders. In description, women shut eyes represents as Shameful acts and a priest cover his eyes represent going away from religious duties.
Evil people’s flag is flourishing everywhere.

Gone were the days of Qazis and Brahmins who used to guide the people, have lost their roles. Satan, the falsehood conducts nuptials and has started controlling the lives of the common people. Satan has been shown dictating their terms to common people.
Muslim women recite the Quran and pray to God, to help them in the time of misery and distress. Similar, is the fate Hindu women of high castes as well as of low castes. They all were made to suffer.
They sing song of blood. Death and destruction is to be seen everywhere. Blood red colour can be seen everywhere instead of saffron colour.
Nanak says he has seen corpses lying here and there. He is singing God’s praises in this city of dead corpses.
The God created this creation. All the creatures are busy in the worldly pleasures. God is watching all this from his abode, sitting and having a look at everything.
God is truth and His justice is also true. He alone issues all the commands according to His judgment.
The body fabric will be torn apart into small parts and then India will remember these words. This ruler coming to India in seventy eight, they will depart in ninety seven. Then another brave man of destiny will rise up.
Nanak speaks the truth and truth alone. In this Shabad Guru Nanak has revealed about social conditions of the time when Babur invaded India with huge military. There was tyranny, falsehood, death & destruction everywhere. The Guru has sketched a hard rending picture of the conditions prevalent at that time, he has exposed the corruption, cruelty of these blood-thirsty beasts of prey.

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