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This beautiful painting is based on Gurubani ‘ Like lotus flower floats and the duck swims through the stream. Similarly, one crosses over the terrifying world- ocean with one’s consciousness focused on the God’s name.’

In the painting, The Artist has shown Guru Nanak in sky and guiding how to swim smoothly across the world-ocean by keeping God’s name in heart to lead a true life to attain salvation.

Lotus flower grows in dirty water yet retains its purity and beauty. Swans and ducks are also swimming in the water yet they remain dry. The dirty water represents worldly temptations.

The Guru’s name is the only way to cross the terrifying world of ocean. As the lotus flower remains pure inspite of growing in the dirty water, a person can also have control over the worldly attractions by keeping the God’s name in his heart. The Gurbani always lays stress on leading a householder’s life and also remembering God. Only with God’s name the person can attain salvation and can fulfill the real purpose of our life.

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