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This historical painting depicts the scene at Anandpur Sahib. Mughal forces had besieged the Anandpur fort. The battle continued for a long time. In the painting, the artist has shown Guru Gobind Singh with bow and arrow. The Guru sent an arrow to the enemy camp at a distance of about three miles. The enemy thought that it is due to some magical powers.

Then Guru ji shot another arrow along with a written message. It is practice not magical powers. The Sikhs Guru never believed in performing miracles. They believed in laying down their lives for a noble cause than saving themselves by performing miracles. The Guru in the painting is shown fully armored. Nagara is also lying there. Guru's bows, arrows paper and feather used to write, is also shown in the painting. Some other armoured Sikhs are also shown behind the Guru.

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