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' We are poor & humble. God is the creator and the protector '

This beautiful painting is based on Gurbani stressing the importance of Guru Naam in our lives.
The Lord Almighty has created this universe. All the human beings, animals, birds and vegetables have been created by him. We are all poor and humble (Maskin) before the Lord. He is the creator as well as the protector. He provides us with everything to sustain us. God is the greatest and we are nothing compared to Him. If we place ourselves at His feet, we will be able to have the Lord’s glance of grace. We all belong to Him. But for earning His grace, we have to surrender ourselves totally to Him. We will have to get rid of our ego and then pray to Him to shower His blessings on us so that we are saved from the cycle of birth and death.
This has been illustrated in this beautiful painting. The field scene and the daily activities of a farmer have been shown. The human beings animals, birds, everything has been created by the Lord. He is the provider and the Protector. Birds are busy in collecting food themselves. A farmer is busy looking after the crop. While being busy in the daily activities one has to keep the Lords name in one’s mind. Earning one livelihood through honest hard work, sharing with others and the remembrance of God’s name has always been stressed by the Gurus. For this, leading a householder’s life and remain detached from the worldly attractions has always been taught and lived by the Guru.

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