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Guru Gobind Singh Ji

This painting depicts the scene, Guru Gobind Singh killing the ferocious lion.
The incident occurred when the Guru was staying at Paunta Sahib.
One day someone brought the news about a ferocious lion creating have among the kill people. The Guru along with some other hill Raja’s decided to tackle the situation. They set out towards the place where the lion was believed to be seen by the people. There a lioness in search for food attacked the party. Guru got down from his horse took his sword and shield advanced toward the lioness. The lioness sprang forward to attack the Guru. He received it on this shield and killed with his swords. Then the lion also jumped to attack the Guruji and was also killed by the same sword. All this happened in the twinkling of an eye. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. This scene has been beautifully painted in the painting. The hills and the wild plants have also been illustrated in the painting.

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