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Everyone is proud of one’s body but it perishes in a moment

This beautiful painting by the artist is the illustration of Gurbani tuk.

To illustrate this, a man is shown to be proud of his muscular body. A young woman sees herself in the mirror and feels proud of her immaculate beauty. Nearby there is a snake near the lady’s foot indicating that her end can be anytime. She is unaware of the danger.

A village life is also shown. People are being shown in background performing their daily routine activities.

A squirrel has a fruit in its hand and trying to put into its mouth. A Eagle is hovering around the squirrel to pounce upon it. The squirrel may or may not be able to eat the food. So all are unaware of what is going to happen in the coming moment. Life is so unpredictable, anything can happen anytime.

Everything is perishable in a moment

Only God name is of permanent nature. A person who always keeps God’ s name in mind & remember it leads a truly good life and can conquer the world.

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