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This painting is a beautiful illustration of Bhagat Ravidas’s verses. The animals meet their end due to one vice in their nature, for how long a man can escape the temptations when he has all the five vice present in him.


The deer has hearing vice and becomes stand still on hearing Kanda-khera Raag. The Kanda Khera sound is produced with a tighten thread on pitcher as shown by the Artist in painting. It has shown the hunter taking advantage of this vice, camouflages him and plays Kanda-Khera Raag and moves slowly closer to deer. The deer is attracted towards the music and is in turn killed by the hunter.


The fish succumbs to the temptation of bait on fishing hook and is trapped. The fisherman offers food as bait on the fishing line She is suffers due to taste.


The bumble bee is attracted towards the lotus flower due to its sweet smell. The lotus flower closes at night and bumble bee is trapped inside the flower and dies.


The moth is attracted towards the bright light of the shama (lamp) and dies there due to the heat of the lamp.


The elephant runs blindly towards opposite sex on hearing call. In order to catch an elephant, the hunter digs a pit and covers using bamboo sticks and leaves. The hunter keep is female elephant at distance. The elephant driven by his sexual attraction runs blindly towards the female elephant and falls into the pit.

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