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Farida, I seeking for the Lord…..

This painting is based on Baba Farid Salok taken from Guru Granth Sahib. Baba Farid says he is looking for the Lords in the jungle where as the woodcutter is looking for charcoal. Baba Farid is sitting under a tree when he sees a woodcutter coming with his axe to look for wood and charcoal. Everybody is busy in his/her own sphere of interest.
This world is like a jungle. So many people, animals and birds live there. Some people go there to cut wood so that they can sell it to earn their livelihood. Some saints go there to meditate so that they are away from the hum drum of the busy life. They go there in search of peaceful atmosphere so that they can meditate peacefully. Birds and animals live there and roam here and there in search of food. Everybody is looking for the things according to one’s own interest. Similarly in life also people indulge in pursuits of their own interests.
But the Gurbani and the saints always stress that one should also remember God while performing their daily routines.
This has been depicted beautifully in this painting. The artist has shown the jungle scene. Many types of trees, big or small, have been shown. Birds are flying here and there in search of food. Monkeys are jumping from one to the other tree.
The sword cutter has also come in search of wood. He has an axe and a pitcher on his head. Baba Farid is sitting under a tree. He has a string of beads in one hand. A squirrel also has a house in a hole in the tree. There are very small birds in the nest and the mother is feeding the little ones. The scene is quite lively.
All the worldly pursuits are transient, only Lord’s name is of everlasting nature. It helps us at every step of our life.

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