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This painting is based on Baba Farid Salok. Baba Farid says that he feels very proud to see the birds flying high in the sky.
The Birds, sometimes, have to cover a long distance to find food for them selves. They fly down to the earth in search of food. They eat the leaves, roots, and fruit of the land. The birds have also built their nests on the trees. Still, Farid says that they have Lord’s name in their hearts. They do not lose touch with the Lord. Some birds travel thousand of miles leaving their off springs in the care of God.
The human being also must learn this from the birds. Man may go to any distance in search of earning a living for family. He may go to any length or breadthe of the country. But he must always keep Lord’s name in his mind. While working, he must remember the God. The Gurus always taught and practised that it is essential to lead a householder’s life. One should not run away from the responsibilities rather one must fulfill the responsibilities and still remain detached from the Mayajal (the lure of money and other worldly vices). That is only way to save oneself from the cycle of birth and death. This idea has been beautifully illustrated by the Artist. The birds flying high in the sky, white clouds, mountains the scenery is very enchanting. It shows the vastness the greatness of the nature created by the God.

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