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‘ Temple and Mosque, Hindu worship and the Muhammadon prayer are the same ’

The temple and the mosque are the same. The Hindu worship and the Muhammadon prayer are the same. All religions are the way to the one supreme God. Guru Gobind Singh’s this belief has been illustrated in this painting.

On the top of the painting, the Artist has shown a mosque and a temple on one side. On the other side a Hindu is performing the Puja and a Muslim is offering his prayer to the Allah. In the center ‘Ek Onkar’ is written and his light is reaching through Guru Gobind Singh to the earth. The Guru believed that all the religions are the ways to reach one Almighty God. A person has to be true to his religion.

At the bottom, different countries have been shown on the globe. People living in different countries have their own set of rules, customs and wear different types of dresses. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs have been shown in the painting ( fBnko/ fBnko/ d/;B e/ G/; e' gqGkT[ j?.). The light emanating from God through the Guru is spreading on the earth that He is present everywhere ( g'ys j? ib w? Eb w?.). The message of love, equality and brotherhood of all human beings is spreading in all directions. God does not discriminate his children on the basis of colour or creed. Guru always advocated that loving human beings is loving God.

All the human beings are the children of the same God (wkB; eh ikfs ;p? J/e/ gfjukBp'.) To love the human being is to love God. Guru believed in it and lived all his life. Teaching it practically to all his disciples. All human beings are alike (wkB; eh ikfs ;p? J/e/ gfjukBp'.) and it is the one God who has created them all. No one is high or low, rich or poor before God. God loves his children equally.

The Artist has written the Guru’s message in four languages ie Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and Urdu thus clearly stating that Guru’s message of love, equality and brotherhood is for all the Human beings.

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