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This beautiful historic painting depicts the first Sikh woman martyr Bibi Sharan Kaur.
The Battle of Chamkaur Sahib is very unique in the history of mankind. On one hand there were Lakhs of Mughul soldiers and on the other hand, Guru Gobind Singh, his two elder sons and forty Sikh warriors. They fought bravely throughout the day and attained martyrdom. When only five Sikhs were left in the Ghari (a mudfort), they asked Guru Gobind Singh to leave Chamkaur Sahib. So Guru Gobind Singh left the Ghari, in night, along with three Sikhs. On the way, the Sikhs saw the bodies of the Sahibzaada Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh lying there. They sought Guru’s permission to cremate the bodies. The Guru refused saying that bodies of so many Sikhs are also lying there. He also said that some one might come and cremate them.
Bibi Sharan Kaur, a very brave and courageous lady, collected the bodies of Sahibzaada Ajit Singh, Jujhar Singh and of many other Sikh martyrs. She also brought the wood. Then she lit the pyre. When the Mughals saw the fire, they came there and saw Sharan Kaur cremating the bodies. Enraged, they killed her and threw her into the fire along with the bodies. This way the brave fearless woman attained martyrdom. She is the first Sikh woman attain this feat.
The Artist has beautifully illustrated this scene in the painting.

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