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The artist beautifully illustrated the Shabad of Bhagat Tirlochan about a person who thinks of wealth, women, sons, structures, God etc at the time of death and what happened to him.
A person in last moment shown thinking of wealth he has collected in his lifetime. He shall be reincarnated again and again in the form of snake. A snake shown sitting on the treasure of wealth. So, one must never forget the name of God to attain salvation.
A person dies of thinking about women, will be born as a prostitute and will remain in the cycle of birth and death.
A person who in the last moments thinks of his children and dies in such thoughts will be born as a pig.
A person who dies of thinking about the houses he has built will not attain salvation and a take form of ghost roaming around the buildings.
The person, who remembers God in his last moment, dies while thinking about God is saved from the cycle of birth and death. God lives in the mind of such person will attain salvation with the blessings of God.

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