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A thief and Guru Angad Dev

This beautiful painting illustrates the Guru teachings of purifying the body as well as the mind.
In the painting, a person wearing white dress is ready to kill a woman with a dagger. This outward appearance is that of a Sikh. He is shown ready to attack the woman. In this difficult time, the woman is requesting with folded hand to leave her. She prays to the Guru to help her. A light from the Guru’s hand is shown symbolizing Guru’s protection.
The message is that wearing a clean Sikh dress and having evil intentions is not only killing the victim but the Sikh dress also.
Guru made more stress on good character of a person rather than his outward appearance. The Strong and powerful should not try to exploit weaker one. To illustrate this, the Artist has shown falcon pounced of pigeon.
Purity of body as well as the purity of mind is very important for the devotees of the Guru. Out wards as well as the inward goodness of a person is important.

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