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Braham Giani Sant Daya Singh ji (1830-1930),Vill. Jartauli- Grandfather of the Artist

Baba Daya Singh was a religious person, a famous Hakim and the most respected person of village Jartauli, Distt Ludhiana. The Artist spent his child hood in the company of his grandfather Daya Singh and treated him as his father, teacher, a Guru and a guide. His grandfather was an eminient person of Namdhari Sect. He used to preach to shun wrong traditions, malpractices and adopt good deeds. He used to explain the meanings of Gurbani. He saved lot of people from terrible illness. He provided intellectual and spiritual knowledge through Gurbani explanation. By Profession, he was a blacksmith and used to manufacture war weapons, machines. He spent twelve years in Maharasthra to help the persons in their treatment. He used to sit under old Bohar tree ( about a one Km from Gurdwara Sahib) and impart teachings of Gurbani in Satsang. His teaching had immense affect on the life of the Artist. The Artist's qualities of doing his duty sincerely, dedicatedly, honestly and to remain contended, were embedded in him by the guidence of his grandfather. Babaji did great favour for the villagers by constructing bricked well, small water storages around the well to take bath and a common water tank, infront of Main Jartauli Village Gate "MOHRI Di PATTI' near MOHRI pond. It became easy for village women to take water from the well, otherwise the women had to go long way after crossing the knee deep water pond. Now the well has been filled with soil.

The Artist's mother Daya Kaur died on the way while travelling from Assam to Punjab. The Artist was five year old at that time. His father got down at Patna Sahib Railway Station. After performing the last rites of her mother at Patna Sahib, his father left his son Trilok Singh in the care of his grandfather. The Artist spent his childhood in the company of his grandfather. His grandfather was married in Vill. Mundian Kalan near Bhiani Sahib, Ludhiana. Namdhari Sect had great influence on him. He used to visit Vill. Bhiani Sahib to meet Namdhari Sant Baba Ram Singh off and on. Baba Ram Singh also met him whenever he visited Vill. Jartauli. He was very religious person and had good knowledge of Gurbani.

He had four sons all were well educated. The eldest one was Bhola Singh, who was working in irrigation department. The second son Gurdit Singh and youngest S. Harnarain Singh were Railway Engineers. They both worked in Uganda Railways, Kenya, Africa, Cape Government Railways, South Africa and Assam- Bengal Railways. S. Gurdit Singh after retirement purchased agricultural land in Assam and settled there. The third son, S.Hari Singh after retiremnt as foreman from Railways, opened hand Pumps-cum-workshop near Kila Raipur Railway station and then set up "Hari Singh Foundary works" with eleven shops on main GT road near Vishkarma Chowk, Ludhiana in 1939. This building still exists there.

1. The eldest son was Bhola Singh. He had three sons:-
         (i) S. Kehar Singh-- two sons:- ((a)S. Bachan Singh (five daughters) and (b)S. Rattan Singh (one son-Parvinder Singh and
        six daughters )),
         (ii)S. Dharam Singh --two sons :-S. Pritpal Singh( One Son, one daughter) and S. Avtar Singh (one son two daughter)
         (iii) S. Kartar Singh -- ( Three daughters).
2. S. Gurdit Singh Railway Engineer. He had one son:-
        (i) S. Trilok Singh Artist-- ( Three sons one daughter ):-
         (a) Son-S. Surjit Singh(two sons, two daughter- Ravinder S, Kala S. Babbli K and Tejinder K.) (b)Daughter-
          Jagdish Kaur(1942-11.2.2017) / Dr Tara S Kamal Ph.D (three daughters/Harmit , Rajakamal, Gurkamal K.)
          (c) son- Dr Gurdip Singh Ph.D(two sons - Punit S., Pavit S.)
         (d) Youngest son-- Engr-in-Chief, Jotinder Singh/Harpal Kaur (one daughter one son):-
                 (d-i) Daughter-Dr Upinder Kaur MS/ Dr Charnjit Singh MS (one daughter,one son)
                 (d-ii) Son- Hemjeet Singh (two sons)
3. S. Hari Singh, foreman in Railways. He had one son and five daughters:-
         (i) S. Atma Singh --two son, two daughters (( Unmarried one son,one daughter were murdered) - Anwant Singh( one son ))
4. S. Harnarain Singh (youngest son), Railway Engineer. He had one son ;-
         (i) Giani Harinder Ajit Singh 'Samdarsi' -- (no child))

His grandfather had very long association with Nirmale saint and he got spiritual knowledge from them. When the saint was old and then he stayed at Vill. Jartauli. Baba ji learned Unani system of medicine from the saint with the condition that he would provide free medical services to the needy persons and also had to stay away from his house for twelve years. After saint’s death and performing the last rites, Baba Daya Singh left for Maharastra and served there for twelve years. Then he came back to Vill. Jartauli and spent his life in serving the people there. He died in 1930. After his death, the Artist's father took him to Assam where he had agricultural land.

After 14 years, the Artist with his family came back to vill. Jartauli. He loved his Pakka house in village where his grandfather lived.

Giani Harinder Ajit Singh 'Samdarsi' was hockey player and learned Gurmukhi from Baba ji. While studying at Kila Raipur, he passed Giani. Then he did Matric and BA from Ludhiana. He wrote patriotic poems and used to recite in parties. He changed his first name Fateh Singh to Onkar Singh to save himself from police. Babaji sent him to Assam, where Artist's father arranged a job in Assam-Bengal Railways. He was promoted to P.W.T. and posted Pandu Railway staion on the banks of river Brahmaputra. He had great respect for Baba Daya Singh. After retirement he settled in Ludhiana. He had about 7000 books of Hindi, Punjabi and English for setting up "Baba Daya Singh Hakim Memorial Library" near old Bohr tree where Babaji used to preach Guru's messages. He had drafted book having about 3000 punjabi quotes. Due to sudden demise of Giani ji, the books were lost and the plans came to an end.

S. Trilok Singh Artist wanted to set up "Baba Daya Singh Govt. Ayurvedic Herbals" at the residential house of Baba ji. He took up with Punjab Govt. and also met Sarpanch of Vill. Jartauli. The plan could't mature. Other brothers sold their portion in the village and settled outside but S. Trilok Singh's house is still there.

Pics of Brahm Giani Saint Baba Daya Singh Ji (1830-1930)

Family pics.

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