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This painting is the illustration of the Shabad by Guru Teg Bahadur.
A person is shown sitting in deep thoughts. He is worried about what kind of efforts should be made to alleviate his doubts. As the person grows old, he is worried about how would he be successful in crossing over the terrifying world ocean.
Since taking birth as a human being, he has not done any good deed. He has always been busy in the day to day activities. Never helped the needy or have never done any worthwhile efforts to help the poor and the needy.
Worried about that famous sikh painter has never sung the lord’s praise. All the life, I have been so busy in my worldly duties that I have never paid any attention towards Naam Simran.
He has not listened to the Guru’s teachings but never put that wisdom to practical use. I did not live the life according to the teachings of the Gurus. Did not live life according to Guru’s teachings to work hard, share earning with others and keeping God in mind. I did not live up to these teachings. I spent my whole life earning and spending according to my likes. Lived the life like that of an animal, always busy only in eating and the physical pleasures.
God shower your blessings on me so that I can also be saved through Your grace. You have saved so many sinners and wrong doers. I also pray to make me worthy of Your blessings. I am also a great sinner; only with Your grace I can cross this worldly ocean smoothly to attain salvation.

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