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Gopal Tera Aarta – The God is true giver

This painting is based on bani of Bhagat Dhanna taken from Guru Granth Sahib. In these lines Bhagat Dhanna has explained the beautiful relationship between the God and his devotee. When the devotee attains the supreme stage of God’s love, he realizes that it is the God only that fulfills all the wishes and is the provider for all the needs. The relationship is of faith and love. Bhagat Dhanna was the true devotee of God. In the painting, God appears before him in the image of Jat. He was so immersed in God’s love that God appeared before him as Krishan Avtar, and then Vishnu Avtar but Bhagat Dhanna wanted to see God as Jat Avtar. He realized that God is the provider of everything for the people. So Bhagat ji asks everything’s from God only.
In Gopal Tera Aarta, true faith in God has been beautifully expressed. Bhagat ji says that he is the Aarta (beggar). Aarta is the Sanskrit word which means beggar, needy. So, for all the worldly needs Bhagat ji prays to God. He says that God you are the true giver to human beings for everything. So I am asking you to fulfill all my needs. He asks for wheat flour, Ghee & lentils, Happiness, Shoes & fine clothes, Grain of seven kind, Cow and buffalo, fine Arabi horse and a good wife. He looks up to God for all the needs.
The Artist has illustrated this beautifully in the painting. God has been shown in the image of a Jat.

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