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Bhagat Naam Dev- God loves their true devotees

This painting is based on the Bhagat bani of Bhagat Naam dev Ji included in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This work of the artist is of 1933.
Bhagat Naam Dev belonged to the low caste and was not allowed to enter the temple to pay obeisance to God. So he sat at the back of the temple immersed in the God’s love. The door of the temple moved to the direction where Bhagat ji was sitting in prayer. Everybody was astonished to see this and realised that Bhagat Naam Dev is the true devotee of God.
Bhagat ji was so immersed in the love of God that God himself made a beautiful hut for his living. Everybody saw the hut and asked Bhagat about the persons who had made it and what did the persons charge for making it. Bhagat ji replied beautifully that one who made my hut needs only the love in return of the labour charges. Symbolically, God does not require our money or the costly gifts from us but only our sincere love and devotion. To love the God, we have to love human beings. God has created all the living things and abides in all. True faith is the key to reach God. Guru Gobind Singh has said in his bani that those who want to love God, must love all the human beings.
In the painting, on one side the artist has shown Bhagat Naam Dev in prayer mode. Temple has been shown at the back. On the other hand, a beautifully hut has been shown. It is made of wood and all the tools used for making it, have been shown in the painting. A person, an image of God, has been shown who has made the hut. It has rightly been said that those who pray to God from the core of their hearts, God himself comes and solves all their problems. Guru always believed that we must remember God while performing our daily duties.

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