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The painting is based upon the Gurubani ‘Gur ki seva..’ means ‘Complete devotion and submission to Guru.’

Bhai Amardas used to spend his whole day in the service of Guru Angad Dev. Every morning, he carried fresh water from the river for Guru’s bath. He used to get up very early in the morning, so that he could bring the water in time. Nothing could stop him, neither rain, storm nor the cold of the early winter morning.

One morning, it was very dark. The rain had made the ground very slippery. Bhai Amardas stumbled into a pit that a weaver had made for his loom. Somehow, he was able to save the precious water from spilling without upsetting the Gaggar (a pot for carrying water). Guru Angad waited for him and was sure something must have happened. The Guru walked towards the river. When Guru reached near the weaver’s hut, he heard the weaver’s wife saying to him that it must be ‘Amru Nithana’ means ‘Amru, the homeless’, wondering around in the dark. Then Guru Angad embraced Bhai Amardas and addressed him as ‘Home of the homeless, the honour of the unhonoured, the support of helpless’.

In this painting, there are clouds and darkness shown and also lightening in the sky When there is lightening, it lighten up the area and that scene is painted in picture. Bhai Amardas is shown with Gaggar of water slipped into the pit and another hand on wooden support of loom. On his face, there are expressions as he is trying very hard to keep the Gaggar from slipping. There is a weaver’s hut nearby. Husband and wife are shown standing and talking and pointing towards Guru as if saying ‘look at Amru Nithana’.

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